The Healthy Happy Soul

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hi my name is Stace! I'm a wife, mumma, fitness instructor, wellness coach, and school teacher.

I’m a lover of sunrises, authenticity, health, happiness and Jesus! I drink too many cups of tea, always look for the best in people and am constantly out to change the world!

But things haven't always been this way...

My own journey to find the sweet spot of a healthy and happy balance has been a pretty wild one. I've suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, been underweight, depressed, self-destructive, a reckless party girl, a teenage mum, overweight, resentful, bitter, self-image focused and fitness obsessed... Yep, really. My health and wellness business The Healthy Happy Soul was born out of the experiences of this journey.

At The Healthy Happy Soul, our mission is to inspire, educate and empower Christian women to value and care for their health holistically; in spirit, soul and body. My books are part of outworking this vision and mission.

Areas of Expertise

Health, Fitness, Wellness, Soulful Living

Books by The Healthy Happy Soul