Custom Book Printing Options

Blurb can help you create a book as unique as your ideas—in any size or, any format.

When you want that little something extra

Looking for a way to dress up an already gorgeous book? Want to create a limited edition to sell at a premium, or use for a crowdsourced project? Perhaps you just can't imagine your book without a ribbon marker. Blurb offers five different customization options that can be added to any book printed in volume: foil stamping, embossing and debossing, headbands and footbands, ribbon markers, and custom end sheets.

Explore the options below. If you're interested in adding one or more to your book project, contact our sales team for a custom quote. NOTE: customization options are only available for volume orders: print-on-demand projects with a 300-copy minimum order, and offset printing projects with a 750-copy order (in most cases).